This newsletter was meant to be for after the summer. But after seeing an article in the Metro about “quiet quitting”. And as some amazing things are happening at Your FLOCK. I decided to publish one anyway. Life work balance. Kinda not. But:


True. The above statement, like a lot of toxic positivity, is rather dangerous.

But this time said in jest to segue into this HORROR SHOW from the Metro. All around the future of work and the term: QUIET quitting. Which at first sounds like what I have been alluding to for years, and in my ted x talk (out soon) that if you don’t love what you do. Then you might be the first to quit. And with burnout on the rise post pandemic (which we have already spoken about.) And disengagement rising and The Great Resignation.

All hot topics for hot takes on the future. I read with HORROR what some people really mean by this term….


Quoted from the piece about the term… Which they say is on the rise…


Ok. So I run my own business. Your FLOCK the team engagement platform. And have previously run teams and businesses. And have had bosses too. (No shock there.)

But are saying that the employee employer contract has become so poor. That NOT being open to being abused for your time at work is a problem.

As Daniel Richardson from UNLEASHED said:

It’s what ALL leaders should be doing. Right now. Looking into their internal working culture and environment and their policies. Whether it’s like Spotify and allowing all employees more freedom to work from anywhere. And keeping people at their company for longer than ever.

As Fortune reports:

This is the gain from going fully remote. But perhaps you aren’t in the tech world and you are going hybrid and wondering how to do it more effectively. Like many of our legal clients and teams at Your FLOCK. Your key thing as a team leader / leader or boss is to be using this time to work out what everyone wants to do next. It’s to ask. Pure and simple. Like Spotify did. (I wonder where the 6% of people that moved… Moved to…)


The future of work is Not about what YOU want to do. It’s about what your team wants to do next. And as for us employees. The last bit of advice in this METRO piece is essential


As it makes everyone unhappy. And we want people to be happier at work. As this means happier customers. And even happier stakeholders and shareholders. But surely, it’s about making the world of work a happier place and so making the world a better place too.

On a deeper level new analysis shows, post pandemic, that for every £1 spent on supporting employees’ mental health. Organisations could see as much as £5 back. In reductions in presenteeism, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

Which seems to me an easy win. The latest data from the Health and Safety Executive. Shows that work-related stress, anxiety, and depression account for more than half of all sick days taken in the UK. And nearly two-thirds of employees experienced an impact on their mental health during the pandemic. Attributed their work-life as being at least partly responsible.

Whilst the most recent survey by Access. Found that 90% of HR managers agree that employee wellbeing has become a key consideration following the pandemic. And yet, half of all organisations still don’t have a standalone wellbeing strategy.

I am not saying that Your FLOCK is part of this well being strategy. But the feedback it gives team leaders helps people be happier as they are listened to more.

Part of this well being might be giving them more money? But the data is showing more and more. That this singular approach doesn’t work. So perhaps it’s not purely the money. It’s turning around all the employee benefits and perks into cash towards real things. Which is what the rather wonderful Amelia Sordell 🔥 the Founder at Klowt has done. As she puts it on LinkedIn:

Which you have to agree is a fair point. Perhaps it’s something you can look at — in your business — as the pay rises go up and up. Or don’t, And people leave more and more. Or don’t. Either way with the rise and rise of quiet quitting. We should all be being more vocal about what we need.


You might need to change your relationship with work. You might need to become more authentic and truthful in your work. You might just need a holiday. You might need to go on to a four day week. The data is still out on this last one.

BUT what we do know is that, especially if you work in the legal sector. Then becoming more authentic is a route to happiness and a path to career success.

So much so we are doing our next event on this. After the holidays. With the author Hannah Beko. After our founder was inspired by her book and her work in the field.

And even if you aren’t a lawyer. Which I know many of you aren’t. We can related to:

- stressful jobs,

- with bad cultures,

- with clock watching and presentism,

- and bad mental health

- and no life work balance

- and burnout.

Heck. Most of those are why we built Your FLOCK. So come along to our next event and listen to Hannah. As I her advice will be for everyone. Not just for lawyers.

Someone who will be coming to that event. Will be our newest member of the team. Chris Marsh who has joined Your FLOCK as our brand ambassador. To say he is a legend of the tech scene in Manchester is an understatement (and it’s not just us that think so.) So we are very happy to have him with us.


And yes, he did his Your FLOCK survey and aligns with our team culture. As we do “drink our own tea”.

And on that note, I had best stop writing as otherwise my own life work balance will be off. As I am off.


What stuff do you need to stop doing or letting be done to you (and perhaps your team) so you can work at your best. And your best people don’t leave the team?

Remember for many of us, paying us more isn’t the only answer. For life and work. Is not just about the money. If it was. Life would be easier.

To be happier you would just need to make more money…

You don’t have to comment below. But I would love it — if you did.

Just like I would love it if you joined us at our next event…

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This newsletter series was inspired by Katy Leeson, ex MD of Social Chain who said I should write one.

About the author.

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In his spare time, Dan is a digital marketing and technology expert for the BBC. Donning the cape of consumer champion on shows like BBC Watch Dog, the One Show and RipOffBritain and marketing tech specialist for SuperShoppers and RealFakeAndUnknown. His favourite being reviewing the newspapers from a tech POV for BBC Breakfast.

He is also a host and guest on podcasts and webinars speaking as a futurist. As well as being a guest on countless radio shows. And a remote reporter / content creator for tech companies at tech events and shows.

His main interest is in the future. Be that the future of marketing, or the future or work or how technology will change the world for the better under the #Tech4Good and #Tech4All movement.

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