Is the future of work about a great life work balance? Or is it DOA? Or DAO?

Researching remote work. Remotely.

Today, I am off to investigate Madeira’s remote working scene. So today, your newsletter is in collaboration with a friend. After I was inspired by an article I read last month all about what this tiny island is doing. So I am off to the John Do Passos centre. As this is the new home for remote working.

So it’s DOA not DOA.

The Future of work: Democratisation in the workplace

It’s all about Engagement.

According to Gallup’s ‘States of the Global Workplace’ report 85% of today’s global workforce is disengaged at work. DAOs can help as they grant people an opportunity to pick companies and projects whose mission and vision reverberate with them. Connect them with similar-minded members. And give them access to assignments that align with their core beliefs and strengths.


DAOs put people first, foster communities, and empower individuals to do bigger, better, and more equitable work. Than conventional corporate environments allow.

  • age,
  • ethnicity,
  • social status,
  • religion,
  • or sex,

DAOs rock.

Dan — added amendment. Those of you that know what I talked about in my TedxBrighton talk — YOU KNOW I LOVE THIS KINDA CAPER.


How DAOs Could Change the Way We Work (



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